St. Tabitha's Circle Continues Work During Pandemic

An assortment of crocheted cotton hats, fingerless gloves, ear warmers and lapghans were delivered in July to Loyola Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center, Loyola Day Hospital Chemo Center and Marjorie Weinberg Cancer Center at Gottlieb Memorial Hospital.  It was reported that supplies of these items are low at the facilities.

"They said our handcrafted work came just in time.  They had given out all of the previous delivery to the chemo patients.  They were very happy the hats were made out of cotton for this time of year," stated Holy Trinity Cathedral parishioner, Alvera Kolosovsky.

Thank you to Alvera and the members of St.Tabitha’s Circle for continuing to bring comfort and a smile to many cancer patients during the pandemic.  If you would like to donate towards this ministry please contact Matushka Joanna Keith.

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