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Parish Organizations: "O" Club
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Parish Organizations
Building & Restoration Committee -

The mission of Holy Trinity's Building & Restoration Committee is:

  • To supply the necessary resources to preserve the structures for the next 100 years
  • To raise awareness of Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral and it’s historical, architectural and cultural importance
  • To raise funds for the purpose of creating, receiving and safeguarding resources for the renovation, restoration and expansion of this historic temple and parish house buildings.

To get involved, see Joseph Clarke or email chairman@friendsofholytrinity.com.  Visit our Friends of Holy Trinity site to learn more about our current projects.

Choir -

“Sing praises to our God” (Psalm 47):  The Choir is looking for, and welcoming, new members.  If you have a desire to sing praises to the Lord, if you wish to become a member of the choir and use your musical talent, please contact the Director of Music Ministries – Reader Yury Orlov, following the services, or by email at: feadle@yandex.com.  Don’t worry if you have no prior choir experience, we will teach you.  Please do not hesitate to contact Yury as soon as you can.

Church School - Holy Trinity offers religious instruction beginning at age 3 and continuing on to High School.  Classes are held on Sundays following coffee hour in the parish social hall.  The session usually begins the second Sunday of September and goes on hiatus after Pentecost.  If you are interested in signing your child up for church school or would like further information, please contact Tina Richardson at 708-445-1105 or lr7288sr@sbcglobal.net.  A calendar and registration form are also available on this website, by visiting our church school page.

Lamplighters - If you are interested in becoming a Lamplighter (one who helps light the candles, filling and lighting the lampadas), please see Theodore Kurtz.
The Lamplighters appreciate your help extinguishing the candles and lampadas after services.  Candles can be snuffed out with snuffer.  However, please do not use the snuffers on the oil lampadas. The wax from the snuffer blocks all of the holes. If you can't reach a lampada to blow it out, ask someone who can.  We appreciate your cooperation.

Greeters - We need volunteers for our Greeter’s Ministry, in which we are able to greet our visitors in a bright, Christian way: we get only one opportunity to make a first impression.

We need people to volunteer to be docents on Saturdays. This is a very important and successful ministry in which we are able to open our beloved Cathedral to visitors, seekers, and other interested people, sharing with them our Faith, and the Lord’s Temple.

For more information, please contact Fr. John
at 773-486-6064 or troika51@comcast.net.

Parish Bookstore - The parish bookstore is located in the social halls and is open most Sundays after Divine Liturgy during Coffee Hour.  It contains a wide variety of books, icons, holiday cards and gifts.  If you are looking for something in particular, feel free to contact Bob Yurschak directly at 773-282-3291, or red_black@toast.net, and he will be happy to help.  Click here to view a sampling of offerings in our bookstore.

Saints Martha & Mary Sisterhood -

The Saints Martha & Mary Sisterhood is an organization dedicated to serving the needs of Holy Trinity Cathedral.  From beautifying the cathedral for feast days to providing robes and vestments for altar servers, the women of the parish work together for the glory of God.  If you would like to join the sisterhood in their good work, contact Matushka Melania Adamcio at 773-486-6064/matushkam@comcast.net, or any member of the sisterhood.


"O" Club -

The Trinity "O" Club was originally formed in 1946 when a group of young adults attended a dinner at the Cathedral in honor of servicemen returning from World War II and saw a need for a social club to attract young adults to return to the Cathedral.  As a club belonging to the Midwest District of the Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America, the Trinity "O" Club sponsors functions to support the Cathedral and various non-profit organizations.  We are currently seeking new members to join our fellowship.  If you are interested in joining in the fun, contact Trinity "O" Club President, Sue Miller, at 847-204-1736 or isaa24@aol.com.  Check out this page for information on upcoming activities.


St. John's Society -

The St. John's Society works to educate the faithful and further the memory of St. John Kochurov, who ministered to the faithful here at Holy Trinity Cathedral, and oversaw the construction of the cathedral building in which we worship today.  This organization coordinates annual activities on October 31st to celebrate the feast day of St. John.  To get involved, contact Nancy Yurschak, President.


Website Ministry - If you would like to contribute photos or articles for use on the Holy Trinity website, please contact Larisa Fetterly.
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