Nativity Fast Study

During the Nativity Fast, Holy Trinity Cathedral will offer services and opportunities for prayer along with a study on prayer. Join us on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm for the Akathist, followed by a lenten study of "The Life in Christ" by Nicholas Cabasilas and refreshments.  Our parish will also provide several opportunities to minister to the hungry and serve the less fortunate. These are healthy activities to engage in during times of fasting.

The "Winter Fast" is a time where we are called by the Church to prepare our soul for the Nativity of Christ. During the different fasting seasons, Orthodox Christians take time to focus on the three spiritual pillars of our life; prayer, fasting, and charity. These three all go hand in hand to assist one another and to bring us to a strong spiritual state.

May this be a joyous time of preparation and service to others. 

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