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Spring 2014 Lenten Retreat

How To Make Prosphora - 03/22/14

[Chicago, IL] Holy Trinity Cathedral hosted its annual Lenten Retreat, Saturday, March 22, hosting church school students and parishioners from St. Nicholas Church in Joliet and Christ the Saviour in Chicago.

The students gathered together at noon for a potluck Lenten lunch and then the Cathedral's dean, Archpriest John S. Adamcio, demonstrated how to make Prosphora. 

The students learned that the act of making the prosphora is an important role within the church and should be taken seriously and with a prayerful attitude.

While waiting for the the dough, (made from wheat, salt, yeast and water) to rise, students were separated into three age groups working with adults to make a scrapbook of the Liturgy, an Orthodox Guidebook to Life, and selective readings and a matching game for the youngest group.

All students were encouraged to create a list of individuals to be prayed for at the next day's Divine Liturgy service.  The lists were given to the student's parish priest who prayed for the individuals during the Divine Liturgy on Sunday.  The students then received their very own prosphora following that liturgy.

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